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Plan for Sunday Services at Heworth Methodist Church

We continue to encourage people to wear masks and maintain distance to keep each other a little safer.

For information about services, please contact David by email .


Circuit Plan of Worship at Heworth for June

Date Time  
July 03 10.30am Rev David Bidnell, Holy Communion
July 10 10:30am Rev Andrew Foster, Church Anniversary

July 17   


Circuit Service at Poppleton - farewell service  for Rev Ian Hill.  Live streamed at Heworth

July 24      10:30am Elaine Thompson
July 24  8.00pm Zoom  - Yvonne and David Scaling

July 31

10.30am Elizabeth Stockdale

 July 31          6.30pm     United Service with Holy Trinity

Circuit on-line Worship

See the Circuit online YouTube channel

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