Heworth Methodist Church

Prayer Tree

Picture of a tree with prayer leaves in church window



We have a prayer telephone tree at Heworth Methodist. You can ring  07985 272 473 with your request. This will be relayed to agreed church members who will pray about your request.

Your request will not be discussed outside the prayer tree. However, messages are sometimes left on answer machines, so family members of prayer tree participants may hear them.  To avoid breaching someone's privacy, full names are not shared. Details of  the initial prayer request will be summarised e.g. 'B' has asked that we pray for a family friend who is unwell - God will know the details in your heart. 

Written prayers may be added to the window prayer tree, shown left. Do feel free to post your prayer requests through the church letter box. 


Page last updated: Saturday 8th June 2024 10:28 PM
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