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Messy Church logoGod Created the heavens and the earth and all that lives within!!

God created humans and invited them to share in the garden of Eden  and to care for it and work within it. 

We have choices to make ...... - but each choice has some consequences Bible Month choices

In June, Messy Church will spend time thinking about God's creation .... and to act with love towards this shared home.by making eco-friendly choices!


We'll think about Reducing the stuff we buy

Re-purposing unwanted items and Recycling carefully.

Craft activities include - making waste footballs, mini-greenhouses, re-creating 'unwanted' clothing

and we'll create a letter to influence policy-makers around plastic pollution - ready for plastic free July!

We will also have a short Celebration.and share a meal.

 You might want to try some other activities at home from Messy Church resources.

Join us for the next Messy Church  on  9 June    and then  14th July  (3pm-5pm) . 

We look forward to seeing you!

To learn more about Messy Church or Debate Club activities, please contact Sarah at heworthmessychurch.gmail.com for local information

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