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    An angel touched him and said, get up and eat.”
    1 Kings 19:5
    In 1 king 19, the prophet Elijah found himself in a situation where he was depleted in every way. We read that Queen Jezebel threatened to put him to death (vs1-2) after she discovered he had the prophets of Baal killed (16-40). Elijah was so afraid he run away and prayed that he would die. 19:3-4.
    In his distress, he lay down. An angel touched him twice and told him to “get up and eat” (.vs 5,7). After the second time, Elijah was strengthened by the food God had provided, and he traveled forty days and fourth nights” until he came to a cave. There, the lord appeared to him and recommissioned him (vs 9-18) and he was refreshed and able to continue the work God had for him to do.
    Sometimes we do need to be encouraged in the lord. This may come in form of a talk with another believer, a worship song or a time in prayer and God’s word. Feeling exhausted? Give your burdens to God today and be refreshed, He will carry your load.

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