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  • Daily Bible Reflection

    Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him “Don’t be afraid; just believe”
    On the way to heal Jairus desperately ill daughter (someone needing immediate medical care), Jesus did the unthinkable: He paused (Mark 5:30). He stopped to identify who touched Him and then spoke gently with woman. You can imagine what Jairus was thinking: There is no time for this, my daughter is dying!? And then, his worst fears came true, Jesus appeared to have delayed too long and his daughter had passed away. (vs 35). But Jesus turned to Jairus and offered a word of encouragement: “Don’t be afraid - just believe” (vs 36)
    Then, calmly ignoring the mockery of onlookers, Christ spoke to Jairus' daughter and she came back to life! He revealed that He can never be too late. Time can’t limit what He’s able to do and when he chooses to do it.
    How often do we feel like Jairus, thinking that God was simply too late to accomplish what we had hoped for, but with God, there is no such thing. He’s never too late in fulfilling His good and merciful work in our lives

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