Heworth Methodist Church


With God's help, we aim to form a worshipping, witnessing and caring community in which all may be supported as they grow in faith, and may use their individual talents to bring about God's Kingdom, locally and in the wider world.

What's on? Next Messy Church:  14th July 2024  

Services   NEW!! Toddler group

In the Methodist Church, June is Bible Month - this is a time when there is a focus on one particular book of the Bible. 

In 2024, we are exploring the Book of Genesis. The opening story of God's Creation tells how God lovingly, artistically and intentionally creates life. 

We are also lovingly, artistially and intentionally created to partner with God in the continued nurturing of that life. 

There are choices humans face each moment of each day - how well do we make those choices? 

Any choice, brings consequences; some positive and some negative.

How ready are we to make choices that give value and worth to others?

Are our choices informed by Justice and Grace?  


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