House groups

All groups welcome new members

Wednesday Fellowship

A daytime group, meeting on a Wednesday morning from 9.30 a.m. (with coffee). They share their joys and sorrows, pray together and worship God in different ways.

Friday Fellowship Group 7pm

The group meets in Field Court at 7.00pm for Bible Study, discussion and time of prayer, followed at 8.30pm by tea and biscuits. 

All are welcome – for more info contact Pauline Wheeler, 422143, or at church Saturday or Sunday morning.

Starting January 2019, the group will be using the DVD Resource called Jesus – The Wounded Healer, discovering afresh the God who suffers with us.

Jesus' ability to heal our wounds flows from the fact that He Himself experienced our wounds. The God we see in Jesus did not study our sufferings from a distance in a cold and detached way, but wrapped Himself in our flesh and felt what we feel.

11 January Jesus: His wounds answer our wounds
25 January Jesus: Why have you forsaken me?
8 February Jesus: Misunderstood and criticised
22 February Jesus: Living through loss and grief
8 March Jesus: Resurrection Hope

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